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CHS Art Club 2017-2018

Art Club

The Conner High School Art Club consists of High School students who love the Arts! Many students were not able to get into the art class they requested and this is their outlet to continue to grow and learn. 


The club meets Tuesday's after school on a regular basis to hold meetings. 


The 2017-2018 school year we are focusing on student involvement. Students will be provided the opportunities to learn drawing/painting/sculpture techniques.


Check back weekly for club updates!

Club Sponsors:

Mrs. Emily Martin

Mrs. Megan Bogenschutz

Club Officers:

President: Sammy Ward

Vice President: Emma Johnson

Secretary: Ashton Morris


Room Meeting:


Meeting Overviews:

written by Ashton Morris

updated by: Mrs. Bogenschutz


1/23: Contest Art

This week, club members had a choice to either work on a Google Doodle or a "From Farm Gate to Dinner Plate" artwork. Both of the artworks are for a competition. Student from all over the united states have the opportunity to recieve prize money for college. This was a continued activity from the previous week.


1/30: Stars of Hope

Members continued their work on their competition pieces. Students who were finished painted Stars of Hope for Marshall County. The starts were provided by a non-profit organization and will be sent to Marshall County High School to show that Conner High School stands with the victims and survivors. The Stars serve as a reminder to stay strong and find light in the darkness.



This week in art club, members participated in the #heartbombcincy and #Preservethenati movement sponsored by the preservation society of Cincinnati. Memebers were each given a heart shaped paper cut out to create their own design. Messages ranged from hashtags for the movement to "handle with care." Upon completion. Mrs. Bogenschutz collected the hearts and dropped them off at the Cincinnati Art Museum to be picked up and  placed on histroic buildings throughout the need some TLC.

Cincy hearts


2/13-2/20: Sea Shell Paintings

Art Club members got to work with acrylic paints this week. Everyone was given a choice of 8 different sea shell print outs and a small canvas panel. Members had an hour to start to paint their sea shell as best as they could, experimenting with different painting methods and color blending. This week was an extention of the previous week.


2/27: Hair Detail Practice

This week in art club, members worked on drawing hairs with prisma colored pencils. Each member was given a print out, they had a choice of black & white or color- the print out had 3 different hair colors and texture to practice drawing, next to the images were blank boxes to replicate the image in. Some members opted to finish their sea shell painting.


3/13: Art Olympics: Introduction/Forming Teams

Members prepared for the Art Olympics! Art clubers got into groups of 3 or 4 and chose a country to represent. Each group researched their country to gather knowledge and inspiration for the challenges to come.



3/20: Art Olympics: Meeting of the Countries

This week in art club, members of each country brought in a dish to share that is served in their respective countries. Groups mingled and tried new foods before creating a flag of their country with painted hand prints.


3/27: Art Olympics: Challenge 1- Opening Ceremonies 

Art Club members competed in their first challege this week, creating an olympic torch!


4/3: Art Olympics: Challenge 2- Symmetry 

This week marked the second challenge of the Art Olympics.But before the challenge could begin, last weeks winners were announced and are as followed:

Gold: Japan

Silver: Italy

Bronze: France

The challenge for this week is all about symmetry. Each team was given a printout of a landscape cut in half and 2 canvases. The teams had to split in two and sit on seperate sides of the room, they were instructed to paint their half of the landscape on a canvas without speaking with their other team members on the other side of the room. The winners will depend on how well these images line up.




4/3: Art Olympics: Challenge 3- Mask

This weeks olympic challenge was to design a mask with images that represent each teams country. These images had to include the national animal, flower, colors, and some popular aspects of the country. After planning, the team proceeded to make a dash for supplies and get to decorating before the 1 hour time limit was up.


4/3: Art Olympics: Challenge 4- Scavenger Hunt

The challenge for this week was a scavenger hunt around the school. Each team was given a clue and had to find an image of an artist from their country in various spots around the building.


FALL 2017

8/26: Preparing for the Home Coming Parade!

To get everything completed in a timely manor, club members split into groups to divide and conquer the tasks at hand. One group worked on the art club banner for the parade. With the background completed the a week before, they stenciled out "DREAM CREATE INSPIRE" and painted black around it. Another group worked on posters. One group made a poster for the grand marshall, another for our homecoming candidate Sammy Ward, another, general art club posters to walk with. Those members who remained, worked on individual signs to be held with paint sticks. All signs followed the homecoming theme "words to live by"


10/3: Swipe Art Painting

At the meeting after school on october 3rd, we experimented with a new style of painting called "swipe painting." Asimple and abstract way of painting. It was a great creative exercise. To make these paintings, art club members put drops of paint of whatever color they chose directly onto the paper. Once the desired amount of paint was on the poster size paper, members used a square of cardboard, pressed the edges onto the paper and moved it across the surface, dragging the paint with it. Each member was able to create 2-3 paintings. All very unique and creative!

Swipe Art

10/17: Paper Flowers

At this weeks Art Club meeting, members finished making their paper flowers to put on display in the school. Unifinished works went home to be returned later in the week. The selling of Art Club t-shirts and hoodies opened up, deisgned with the same words from our homecoming banner, "DREAM, CREATE, INSPIRE" with red white and blue paint splatter int the letters. Members can purchase the shirts for $15 and hoodies for $30.


10/24: Pumpkin Master Paintings

For this meeting, Art Club members painted pumpkins for Halloween. The artworks used for the pumpkins were chosen by teachers and staff who wished to purchase one. There were not enough pumpkins for each member to paint their own, so members got into groups and worked together on the pumpkins. Memebers had an hour to complete their pumpkins to the best of their ability. pumpkins were unique and the rendering of the master work was well executed for the time constraints.

    Pumpkin 1   Pumpkin 2   Pumpkin 3


11/7: Succulent Oil Pastels

Members began working on oil pastel drawings. Each member was given a printout of a succulent to use as reference for their drawing. After watching a short demonstration of techniques, members grabbed pastels in the colors they needed and got to work. After an hour, members had made a lot of progress and displayed the works on the board!

             Succulent    Succulent 2

11/14: Kentucky Painting

This week, club members had the option of continuing their work with oil pastels from last week, or working with paint. Most of those members who hadn't finished their succulent last week opted to finish it. The rest got a sheet of paper, a Kentucky state stencil, paint, and Q-tips. Members had the option of placing the paint inside or around the stencil. Paint was applied with the Q-tips, creating a dotted/pop art look.


11/28: Preparing Supplies

The last meeting of November, club members prepared supplies for the Ornament Extravaganza. Preparations included making cut-outs and shaping other materials for different stations, 10 different ornaments. The demand was high, needing 5-10 cut outs ready in an hour but members stepped up and got the job done.



Art Club held it's annual fundraising Ornament Extravaganza! Members were stationed at eight different table to assist kids creating craft ornaments. Their were 10 different stations for kids to visit, the event ran from 2-4:30 and was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came out in support or to help!


Art Club Shirt and Hoodie orders are here!