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American Psychological Association (APA)
History of Psychology offers many links on the subjects
Psychologists Articles & Resources


  • Face the truth: How your features reveal your personality.


Neuroscience for Kids
Human Brain Map
PBS: Secret Life of the Brain
Phineas Gage

My candidate, myself (Even when faced with new facts and insights, most voters don't change their minds about their favorite candidates.                     A neurologist explains how they might.):

Behind The Scenes: Brain Power:

Researchers:  Football concussions haunt athletes:

Diagnosis Sleepless (About the Pituitary Gland)


Mozart's Music Does Not Make You Smarter, Study Finds:

Tragedy in the backseat: Hot car deaths:


This is a great website to check out regarding reverse speech or the playing of music, 
conversations, etc backwards. I think you will find this very interesting.
Another reverse speech website:
Disney Films and Subliminal Messages; Myth or Reality? Check it out.
Neat site for illusions

Color Blindness

Illusion Gallery with links to other sites:


Pavlov's Dog -Classical conditioning experiment:

DeAngelis, T. (2010, January). 'Little Albert' regains his identity. Monitor on Psychology, 41(1), 10.


Study sheds light on 'teenage night owl syndrome':

Kentucky man kills wife, blames caffeine:


Happiness is contagious, research finds:

Top Ten Nonverbal Communication Tips:

Paul Ekman's Website:

Responsive Face:


J.P. Hayes is as honest as we like to think we are (Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development):,123304

Article on "Genie":

See Baby Discriminate:  Kids as young as 6 months judge others based on skin color.  What's a parent to do?

20 Studies that Revolutionized Child Psychology:

This is a woman's world: men face mass extinction because male genes are dying out.

"The Nun Study" (A Longitudinal Study Conducted on Alzheimer's):

The True Story behind the 2007 Movie, The Girl Next Door:  


Test for Dwindling Retail Jobs Spawns a Culture of Cheating:

The United States of Mind: Researchers identify regional personality traits across America

The Big Five Personality Test (online):

Where the Wild Things Are?

Rorschach Test

Personality Theories:


Books and music that make you dumb:

What's your EQ?

What's your general IQ? 

Human Intelligence Theorists Map:

Hot Topics:

Eugenics, forced sterilization, the Holocaust:

The Birth of American Intelligence Testing:

The tests and the 'brightest': How fair are the college boards?

MENSA workout:

The ACT: Biased, Inacurate, and Misused:


National Alliance on Mental Health:


Psychiatrists Revise the Book of Human Troubles  (The revision of the DSM-IV; the New DSM-V):

Your brooding teen: just moody or mentally ill? :

Purple Heart is ruled out for traumatic stress:

Dissociative Fugue (A Life, Interrupted):

Brain differences mark those with depression risk:

Interview with John Nash (A Beautiful Mind is based on him):

Article on John Nash from

Toddler Brain Difference Linked to Autism:

A Journey Through Darkness (Depression):

Proposed changes to the DSM-V:


Teen's family transformed after autism intervention:


Adventures In Good And Evil:  What makes some of us saints and some of us sinners? The evolutionary roots of morality.:

The Witnesses that Didn't (Kitty Genovese Case):

Why We do Dumb or Irrational Things: 10 Brilliant Social Psychology Studies: