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For those of you using tablets or phones, here is a copy of the  surface area website and Volume (at the bottom)



Lesson help for 3-D shapes and surface area can be found in your textbook pp. 286-289 and pp. 292-295

In your notebook, define: polyhedron, surface area, face, edge, vertex, apex, prism, pyramid, regular polyhedron and net-----mandatory

Copy this chart into your notebook---mandatory

polyhedron chart


Copy this chart into your notebook---mandatory--use the printed polyhedrons to put in your chart.

Special Polyhedrons


Intro to Nets video (6:47)
Nets of Polyhedra practice
EE.1 Identify polyhedra IXL--- mandatory (medal)
EE.2 Which figure is being described? IXL--- mandatory (medal)
EE.3 Nets of three-dimensional figures IXL--- mandatory (medal)


Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism (Cuboid)
Surface Area of a box video (2:24)
Sufrace Area of a rectangular prism using nets video (4:18)
Surface Area optional video (14:50)
Find Surface Area by adding areas of faces practice
Surface Area using nets practice
Surface Area practice
FF.15 Surface area of cubes and rectangular prisms IXL--- mandatory  (medal)


Surface Area of a Triangular Prism:
Surface Area using a net:triangular prism video---mandatory

Surface Area of Square Pyramid:
Surface Area of a Square Pyramid video (2:27)---mandatory


Textbook pp. 288-289 #'s 1-15 and 22-24 (18 problems)--- mandatory
Textbook pp. 294-295 #;s 1-9 and 19-26 (17 problems)--- mandatory

Study Guide will be uploaded soon



Quizlet https://quizlet.com/294890575/volume-flash-cards/

Lesson help for volume can be found in your textbook pp. 299-302

In your notebook, define: volume as well as write the formulas for a rectangular prism as well as a general formula for all prisms. ---mandatory

Volume: Measuring with unit cubes video (2:12)
Volume with Unit Cubes practice (7 problems)
Volume of Rectangular Prisms or box examples video (1:58)
Volume: Measuring as Area times Length video (7:22)
Volume 1 Practice (7 problems)
Volume of a Rectangular Prism: Fractional cubes video (4:17)
Volume with Fractions practice (4 problems)
FF.14 Volume of cubes and rectangular prisms IXL---mandatory (medal) may use calculator

Textbook pp. 301-302 #'s 1-12, 14, and 22-27---mandatory (19 problems)

Study Guide




I am beginning my 16th year of teaching laugh.  This is my second year in 6th grade and it is my first year at GMS. I taught one year at Camp Ernst Middle and 14 years at Stephens Elementary.  13 of those years were spent teaching math to fifth graders.  My last year at Stephens, I was the RtI math instructor for Kindergarten through 5th.  I am married and have one son named Joshua James.  He  is 13 and in the 8th grade here at Gray MIddle School. I enjoy camping on weekends and throughout the summer.  Thank you to all the students, parents and staff for being so welcoming, I love it here at GMS!