Our Schools

Boone County High School
7056 Burlington Pike
Florence , KY 41042
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-282-5655
Fax 859-282-5653

Boone County Area Technology
3320 Cougar Path
Hebron, KY 41048
Principal:  Laura Williams
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-689-7855
Fax 859-689-7828

Laura M Williams, Principal

Feeder Schools:

  • Boone
  • Cooper
  • Conner
  • Ryle
  • Walton-Verona
  • Williamstown
  • Lloyd Memorial
  • Beechwood
King, Brian Auto Technology
  Diesel Technology
Gordon, Ron Electrical Technology
Dunn, Dani Health Sciences
Davis, Bob Machine Tool
McKenney, Kevin Metal Fabrication
  Welding Technology


Melissa Barger Administrative Secretary
Jim Ogle Maintenance
Mali Forrester Boone County Para-Educator


Conner High School
3310 Cougar Path
Hebron, KY 41048
Principal:  Tim Hitzfield
Asst. Principal:  Mary Sargent
Asst. Principal:  Jason Shearer
Asst. Principal:  Robin Shuttleworth
Asst. Principal:  Andy Wyckoff
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-334-4400
Fax 859-334-4406

Larry A. Ryle High School
10379 U.S. Hwy 42
Union, KY 41091
Principal:  Matthew Turner
Asst. Principal:  Elaine Brendel
Asst. Principal:  Andrew Dusing
Asst. Principal:  Nate Niemi
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-384-5300
Athletic Office 859-384-5300 x-304
Attendance 859-384-5300 x-346
Fax 859-384-5312
Guidance 859-384-5329 x-338
Main Office 859-384-5300

Randall K. Cooper High School
2855 Longbranch Road
Union, KY 41091
Principal:  Michael Wilson
Asst. Principal:  Malinda Brooks
Asst. Principal:  Chandra Dixon
Asst. Principal:  Brian Vanover
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-384-5040
Fax 859-384-5049

Camp Ernst Middle School
6515 Camp Ernst Road
Burlington, KY 41005
Principal:  Stephanie Hagerty
Vice Principal:  Rebecca Burton
Important Numbers:
Administration 859.534.4000
Fax 859.534.4001




Conner Middle School
3300 Cougar Path
Hebron, KY 41048
Principal:  James Brewer
Asst. Principal:  Lois Ellison
Important Numbers:
Administration (859) 334-4410
Fax (859) 334-4435

Gray Middle School
10400 Hwy 42
Union, KY 41091
Principal:  Todd Novak
Asst. Principal:  Carrie Roberts
Vice Principal:  Jeff Jackson
Important Numbers:
Administration 859 384-5333
Fax 859-384-5318

Ockerman Middle School
8300 US 42
Florence, KY 41042
Principal:  Michael Poiry
Asst. Principal:  Christopher Brauch
Vice Principal:  Darla Payne
Important Numbers:
Administration 859.282.3240
Fax 859.282.3242

Dedicated in 1965, Ockerman Middle School has a history that is longer than any of the other middle schools in Boone County. We received a total remodel in 2005 with the addition of a new gymnasium, science wing, and computer labs. Our 55 member faculty provides daily instruction for approximately 900 students. Our middle schoolers attend Boone County HS, Larry A. Ryle HS, and Randall C. Cooper HS. We are glad you've chosen to visit us. Welcome!

Jones Middle School
8000 Spruce Drive
Florence, KY 41042
Principal:  Tony Pastura
Asst. Principal:  Regina Brownfield
Vice Principal:  Melissa Lameier
Important Numbers:
Administration 859.282.4610
Fax 859.282.2364

Fax Email: jones.fax@boone.kyschools.us

Burlington Elementary School
5946 N. Orient St.
Burlington, KY 41005
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-334-4440
Fax 859-334-4446

The Building is open for students at: 8:15
They may go to classrooms at 8:30
Students are late after 8:55
Students are dismissed at 3:40

Office Hours  8:15 - 3:20

Collins Elementary School
9000 Spruce Drive
Florence, KY 41042
Principal:  T.W. Loring
Asst. Principal:  Eric Ball
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-282-2350
Fax 859-282-2356

Erpenbeck Elementary School
9001 Wetherington Blvd.
Florence, KY 41042
Principal:  Jenny Watson
Asst. Principal:  Pat Berry
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-384-7200
Fax 859-384-5376

Florence Elementary School
103 Center Street
Florence, KY 41042
Principal:  Lisa Resing
Important Numbers:
Fax 859.282.2615
Main Office 859.282.2610

Mission Statement: Building the foundation for lifelong learning.

Florence Elementary School is a community of learners dedicated to maximizing student achievement through staffing, scheduling, and instructional strategies to equip all students with the 21st century skills they will need to be college and career ready.

Florence Elementary includes positive and enriched learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom setting. We establish an encouraging learning environment through both engaging classroom instruction and a myriad of programs focusing on academic achievement, physical development, social-emotional growth, and the arts and technology. We offer community education opportunities, parenting courses and safe, organized academic and enrichment programs before, during and after school hours. Florence Elementary values education and students! Students come first, and everything is intentionally planned to maximize their achievement levels. We utilize Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies to maintain discipline and student expectations. We are committed to ensuring educational equity by providing programs and services that address the needs of every child. We strive to build strong relationships between home and school.



Executive Summary

Needs Assessment

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Goodridge Elementary School
3330 Cougar Path Road
Hebron, KY 41048
Principal:  Pat Breitholle
Asst. Principal:  Genny Sullivan
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-334-4420
Fax 859-334-4422

Charles H Kelly ES
6775 McVille Road
Burlington, KY 41005
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-334-4450
Fax 859-334-4454

Longbranch Elementary School
2805 Longbranch Road
Union, KY 41091
Principal:  Erika Bowles
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-384-4500
Bus Garage 859-384-8384
Fax 859-384-2945

Mann Elementary
10435 US Hwy. 42
Union, KY 41091
Principal:  Connie Crigger
Important Numbers:
Administration 859.384.5000
Fax 859.384.5007

New Haven Elementary
10854 US Highway 42
Union, KY 41091
Principal:  Mary Goble
Asst. Principal:  Sandra Collette
Important Numbers:
Administration 859.384.5325
Fax 859.384.5253

North Pointe Elementary
875 N. Bend Rd.
Hebron, KY 41048
Principal:  Mike Shires
Asst. Principal:  Beverly Simon
Important Numbers:
Administration 859.334.7000
Fax 859.334.7010


Ockerman Elementary School
8250 US 42
Florence, KY 41042
Important Numbers:
Administration 859.282.4620
Fax 859.282.4625

Principal: Mrs. Kim Best
Assistant Principal: Mr. Chris Ritzi

Stephens Elementary School
5687 Hwy 237
Burlington, KY 41005
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-334-4460
Fax 859-334-4463

School Report Card

Thornwilde Elementary School
1760 Elmburn Lane
Hebron, KY 41048
Principal:  Pam Thamann
Important Numbers:
Administration 859.586.3900
Fax 859.586.0295

Yealey Elementary School
10 Yealey
Florence, KY 41042
Principal:  Renee Turner
Asst. Principal:  Katie Hiatt
Important Numbers:
Administration 859-282-3333
Fax 859-282-3337


Principal: Renee Turner

Assistant Principal:  Katie Hiatt


School Mascot:  Bobcats
School Colors: Blue and Gold

Alternative Program
99 Center Street
Florence, KY 41042
Important Numbers:
Administration 859.282.2163
Fax 859.282.2165