Final Exams and 2nd Semester Updates

Important Notice

As we near the end of the first semester we wanted to remind everyone of our final exam schedule.  Final exams for 1st and 3rd block classes are scheduled for tomorrow and final exams for 2nd and 4th block are scheduled for Friday.  1st and 3rd block exams will be available from midnight tonight until midnight Thursday night.  Final exams for 2nd and 4th block will be available at 12:01 AM tomorrow night and available until midnight Friday.   PLEASE be completing ALL assignments for each class so that you can earn your course credit for the first semester.

There will be some slight adjustments to our instructional practices for next semester.  We will be returning to a hybrid model of instruction on Tuesday January 19th following our A/B day schedule.  You will follow your first semester placement unless you have contacted the front office to make a change.  THERE WILL BE NO CHANGES MADE TO A STUDENT’S CHOICE, IN-PERSON OR VIRTUAL, AFTER THIS FRIDAY JANUARY 15th

BCHS will be utilizing a more synchronous model of instruction for second semester.  We have made some slight adjustments to our google meet schedule which is attached to this email.  Teachers will be providing 45 minutes of direct instruction for all students each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  The expectation is that ALL students will be longed in EACH day during the google meet times.  Further information is attached.  We are in school and the expectation is that all students are either in class in person or logged in during the google meet time for direct instruction.  Lessons etc. will still be available in Canvas.

Click here for picture form.  Click here for copy of 2nd semester hybrid instruction.  

School picture day for all virtual students will be on Wednesday, January 27, in the Commons from 9:00am-2:00pm.

Freshmen              A-F   9:00-9:15

                                G-L    9:15-9:30

                                M-R   9:30-9:45

                                S-Z     9:45-10:00                                                                                                                                      

Sophomores         A-F   10:00-10:15

                                G-L:  10:15-10:30

                                M-R  10:30-10:45

                                S-Z    10:45-11:00

Juniors                   A-F   11:00-11:15

                                G-L   11:15-11:30

                                M-R  11:30-11:45

                                S-Z    11:45-12:0

Seniors                   A-F   12:30-12:45

                               G-L   12:45-1:00

                               M-R  1:00-1:15

                                S-Z    1:15-1:30

Early College/Dual Enroll – 1:30-2:00

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