Unified Arts

The activities below are for FULL VIRTUAL students. Hybrid students will attend UA classes on the days they attend in-person. 

Choice Boards for April 19th - May 27th

Complete one U.A. activity a week and submit work to the U.A. teacher.

Unified Arts K-2nd Choice Board


Unified Arts 3rd-5th Choice Board







Questions? Contact us through email!

Art - Heather.Harwell@boone.kyschools.us

Music - Jessica.Vanover@boone.kyschools.us

STEM - Laura.Michels@boone.kyschools.us

P.E. - Nick.Reed@boone.kyschools.us

Spanish - Pilar.Miralles@boone.kyschools.us 

Library - Tammy.Kemper@boone.kyschools.us