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Mann Ambassadors


Mann Ambassadors

The Mann Ambassadors program strives to improve the culture and climate of our school through student-led activities.  For this reason, a diverse group of 4th & 5th grade students will be assembled through a rigorous application and selection process.


The mission of the Mann Ambassador program is to prepare student leaders to communicate the goals and successes of Mann Elementary and to represent the highest ideas of our school, during school functions and within our broader community.  We see you willing to be a student leader in the classroom and community.  You have demonstrated trustworthiness, respect for yourself and others, a strong sense of responsibility and fairness, a caring nature, and strong citizenship skills.  YOU will be the SPARK Ambassadors of our school...leading our school with positive energy...looking for ways to brighten up the environment in our own school, our on-campus community, as well as our local community  in order to make a difference in this world. 

Meeting Dates (please mark your calendars)

Doors open at 7:35am...Mtgs start PROMPTLY at 7:45am.  Links to Meeting Agenda & Meeting Notes are attached.  Students MUST BE logged into their SCHOOL GOOGLE ACCOUNTS (First.last@stu.boone.kyschools.us  PW: same as school one) to access files.calendar


  1. Website--we have our own website under Mann Elementary. I will put general info here for easy access (job assignments, monthly focus, etc)
  2. Bloomz-Please see the directions for joining our 2019 Mann Ambassador group. I will place pictures of our projects as well as “friendly reminders” for upcoming events on this page.  

Acts of Kindness Service Hourschoosekindness

As part of our Mann Ambassador program, you will be responsible to complete a minimum of 3 SERVICE HOURS in our community "above & beyond" our group activities.  Service Hours need to be complete by our April Meeting. There are several ways you can do this. I’ve provided a list of options, but you are also able to create your own opportunities. The PURPOSE of this initiative is to SERVE others with Acts of KINDNESS. You can choose to complete all 3 hours at ONE time or in three 1-HOUR blocks.
Possible Acts of Kindness:
  • Laundry Mat Care Packages. Landing at the laundry mat during cold months can discouraging. Brighten someone’s day by assembling care packages for those who might need an extra dose of Christmas cheer. If you have them, gather samples of laundry detergent and fabric softener. Get a roll of quarters. Add some Christmas candy or cookies and gather things in a basket or gallon sized plastic bag. Don’t forget a Christmas card or handwritten note sharing how much God loves that individual. Pass out the bags to people at your laundry mat or ask the staff if you can leave them behind on washing machines.
  • Christmas Carol at the Nursing Home. Every year, our community group heads to a local nursing home to make a joyful noise. With our merriest of attire and best singing voices, we stroll the hallways caroling for the residents, stopping to chat and share some cheer. Since you can’t always know what a resident’s food sensitivities might be, don’t pass out candy or food. But if you like, bring cards or let your kids draw pictures to pass out (or if you’re like me, clean through the gazillion pictures we already have and spread the love). If you want to bring homemade cookies or other goodies, give them to the nurses on staff, thanking them for loving those in their care.
  • Take Baked Goods to the Local Fire Department or Police Station. So many men and women log hours protecting the community and working to ensure a Merry Christmas for others. Spend the morning baking cookies and praying for the safety of these heroes. The delivery visit is sure to be a hit with your kids! Shake hands, give hugs or high fives and tell these individuals you’re thankful for their sacrifice.
  • Emergency Waiting Room Kits. Just because Christmas arrives, it doesn’t mean that families don’t suffer tragedy and pain. Put together kits to make a difference for those who might be in a literal season of waiting. Gather together items for people who may need to be in the ER over the holidays. Include things like a toothbrush, gum, puzzle books, a pair of socks, and Tylenol. Again, type up or handwrite a special note, letting them know those items have been prayed over and that God cares about their struggle. Be sure you check with the staff and find out the best place to store or pass out the items. You never want to disturb a family in pain or grief but your small package can make a big difference.
  • Shovel Someone’s Drive. This project is only possible if you get a white Christmas, but as a family you could grab your best shovels and/or snow blower and tackle a driveway. You could choose a neighbor, friend, or even a stranger to serve. Bundle up and get in a great workout, too.
  • Drive Thru Dinner. If you’ve ever had someone buy a meal or drink for you through the drive thru, you know what a great life that can bring to your day. You don’t even have buy anything for yourself if you don’t want to. Just let the cashier know you’re footing the bill and to tell the stranger behind them that God loves them.
  • Babysit Together. Know a young couple who could use some encouragement? Volunteer to watch their kids while they go on a date or do some Christmas shopping. Bonus points if you also clean their house for them at the same time.
  • Pick Up Trash. On warmer day, head to your favorite park and spend some time picking up the trash from the grounds. Don’t forget to place items you gather in either the recycling bins or the appropriate trash receptacles.
  • Volunteer with a Service Organization. Ask at your local church or a community center if there are organizations that need more help during the busy Christmas season. From helping sort canned goods at a local pantry to ringing bells for the Salvation Army to wrapping gifts for local charities, there are so many things to be done in a short period of time.
  • Help Meet Needs at Your Local School. Check in with your principal or school secretary to see if there are unique needs that need to be met in the lives of students or teachers. Whether it’s lending a hand to help organize a classroom, donating school supplies (our school always needs backpacks!), or mobilizing other parents to help bless a teacher or parent with gift cards to take care of their needs this Christmas.
  • Serve at the Animal Shelter. Pet loving family? Call your local animal shelter or Humane Society to see what sorts of physical needs they have have and if they need volunteers to help serve the furriest for friends during the Christmas season.
  • Change Scavenger Hunt. When we were paying off debt, we didn’t have a lot of extra money to give away during the Christmas season. More than once, we wrapped our change to have more to give. Scout out your entire house and car. Leave no couch cushion unturned. Spend time counting the money and then wrap it and then decide together as a family what church or charity you’d like to give it to.
  • Gift Card Giver. Host a gift card party. Have a gift card with a few extra bucks on it that you’re never going to use? Know someone else who does, too? Check out Gift Card Giver, where you can donate those gift card odds and ends and put them to good use. Host a holiday party (probably it’s best after Christmas) and have people bring their unused gift cards. Gather them all together and see what kind of impact you can make!
  • Write Letters to Deployed Soldiers. Spend time writing letters to soldiers who are far from home during the holidays. Encourage them and thank them for their service.
  • Spread the Light. Decorate someone else’s home with a festive spirit. Hang lights on a neighbor’s home (ask their permission first, of course) or see if a local hospital will let you add some cheer to the nurse’s station or in a waiting area. Just be sure you also clean up the decorations and store them, too.
  • For more ideas, click HERE or  for Other ideas for Service as a family
To recoKINDNESSWAVErd your ACTS OF KINDNESS, please click HERE.  You must be signed into your SCHOOL GOOGLE ACCOUNT to complete (first.last@stu.boone.kyschools.us   PW...same as school login)

Monthly Initiatives

helpinghandsWe will have a monthly focus.  During our meetings, students will learn more about the initiative and complete tasks to prepare for the event.  Some events are held outside of the school day. Ambassadors are encouraged to join in all activities; however, I do understand that schedules are busy.  For each event, I will send an invite and RSVP so I know who will attend.

This year, some of our initiatives will be Children’s Hospital, Go Pantry, Ripple Effect in our Local Community, Homeless, etc

JANUARY INITIATIVE:  HOMELESSNESS UPDATE: Coat Drive Update--We collectedd 16 Large bags of Winter Coats for families in need. What a wonderful way to share kindness with others! Homeless Bags are being delievered within this month. Families sign up using the Volunteerspot link in Bloomz.