From The Superintendent - May 18th


Good afternoon,


Last fall we started the work of creating a Portrait of a Boone County Schools Graduate along with a new strategic plan for our school district.  After several internal presentations and discussions with our district’s Teaching & Learning Committee along with our district and school leaders, we recruited a large and diverse Portrait Design Team of 120 stakeholders.  This Portrait Design Team consisted of students, parents, teachers, principals, SBDM members, school board members, and district leaders.  We included classified and certified staff members along with business and community leaders in our region.  


Our overall strategic plan consists of a Portrait of a Graduate and specific goals to ensure that our school district responds the following questions regarding the future for our students.


·        What are the hopes, dreams, and aspirations that we have for our young people?

·        What are the skills and mindsets that our children need for success in this rapidly changing and complex world?

·        What are the implications for the design of the learning experiences—and equitable access to those experiences—we provide in our schools?


We want all students in the Boone County Schools to have an educational experience that prepares them to be lifelong learners and contributors today and tomorrow. Now more than ever, learning experiences for our students must not only provide for the acquisition of rigorous academic content, but must also foster critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and other 21st century skills and mindsets our students need to thrive.  We have amazing work happening in our district now and we are at a significant moment in time where we must look forward, bring everyone together, and create a new vision and a new plan for the children of our community.


Our Portrait Design Team, comprised of internal and external stakeholders, held four meetings over the last four months to consider how the world has changed, to discuss important skills and mindsets, to create a shared vision, and to create a Portrait of a Graduate.



In addition to the work of our Portrait Design Team, we included the perspective of additional local business and industry leaders through a Business Leader RoundTable organized with the help of Judge-Executive Gary Moore, Lee Crume of NKY Tri-Ed, and Tara Noeme of the NKY Workforce Investment Board.  The Florence Rotary Club, the City Councils of Florence and Union, and the Boone County Business Association also provide their input.  Additionally, we further listened and engaged our students by gathering some feedback with the help of our school leaders.


We are excited to share the latest version of the Portrait of a Graduate for the Boone County Schools.  


Communication (Effective Communicator)

·       Articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written, and nonverbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts.

·        Listen effectively to decipher meaning, including knowledge, values, attitudes, and intentions.

Collaboration (Strong Collaborator)

·       Embrace curiosity to experience new ideas.

·       Seek, contribute, and respond to feedback to achieve collective outcomes.

Integrity (Responsible Community Member)

·       Earn others trust and respect through honest, principled behaviors.

·       Demonstrates integrity in both social and academic situations.

Learner’s Mindset (Life-long Learner)

·       Embrace curiosity to experience new ideas.

·       Possess a lifelong desire to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Global Citizenship (Global Citizen)

·       Exercise the rights and obligations of citizenship at local, state, national, and global levels.

·       Value and embrace diverse cultures and unique perspectives through mutual respect and open dialogue.


Our next steps will be shared with you as we move forward.  We expect to start an internal reflection and review process of every aspect of our school district this summer and create a new district strategic plan by this fall.


Thank you for your work with our children,


Matthew L. Turner



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