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Big Bone Lick State Park - Cincinnati USA

New Haven Elementary Bison

 Adoption Contest

Dear New Haven Parents and Students,

Big Bone Lick State Park is our neighboring state park, right down US Highway 42. Mammoths are believed to have been drawn to this location by a salt lick deposited around sulphur springs. Ancestors of the slothbison, and horse also grazed the vegetation and salty earth around the springs. Today, the park features many attractions including several nature trails and a small herd of bison. 

For several years the rangers from Big Bone have come to New Haven to present programs about the park. Students learn an enormous amount of information about the bison there and several students have asked how we can help support our bison neighbors.  

We thought it would be fun to end this school year with some friendly competition while providing help to our local state park.  We have been given the opportunity to “adopt” a bison.  We are hoping to raise enough money to take care of our bison for 1 year. The average cost for food and vet expenses is nearly $2000 a year! Our bison choices are as follows:    

      Choice #1 –Bertie              Choice #2 – Royal Henry             Choice #3- Henrietta

Students are encouraged to vote for their favorite bison by donating a dollar to the bison they want to be adopted by New Haven.  $1 = 1 vote, $5 = 5 votes $10 = 10 votes etc.  We will have a separate container for each bison and will announce the winner at the end of the competition.  Our school goal is to raise $1000. If we meet that goal, Mrs. Goble will give everyone in the school Kona Ice!  What a great way to end the school year.  If you are able to support this project and your child votes, please put the money in an envelope with your child’s name, and Bison Contest written on it. If you would like to write a check, please make checks payable to New Haven Elementary. 


Thank you for your support!

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