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Metal Fabrication

Mr. Kevin McKenney, Instructor

                Mr. Kevin McKenney                           Metal Fabrication Instructor

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Students in this program prepare for a career in a very diverse trade. You can be inside running metal fabrication equipment or outside on a construction site. By creating three-dimensional objects from flat sheets of metal, reading trade specific blueprints and operating the trade machinery and hand tools, this class trains you for three career fields.  Layout, blueprint and knowledge of equipment and hand tools will give you a set of skills that will improve abilities in almost any career field you choose to enter. Metal fabricators are increasingly called on to produce precision parts for high tech industries.  Instruction includes design, pattern lay out, transfer, fabrication, and joining.  The latest technology we have in our class is the Torchmate Plasma Cutting system. This computer controlled plasma table is used to cut intricate detail in parts for trucks, motorcycles, four wheelers, arts and crafts, industrial parts like brackets, guards and just about anything else you can imagine.  We train by doing which means we spend the majority of our time making parts and projects from blueprints to teach students how to use the knowledge they have been given through lecture and text books.  We complete twenty-one chapters a year.  That means we spend much more time producing projects than reading about doing it.  I must caution you though. All of your required credits must stay at a passing grade.  If you do not keep your grades at a sufficient level in the required credits to graduate you will not be able to take full advantage of the two year course work in this class. We also have an introduction to MIG welding and some TIG welding for the second year students in the program.  Many companies want new employees to have fabricating skills and welding skills.  If you like to use your hands, stay on task and take pride in completing projects to give yourself a sense of accomplishment then this career could be for you.

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