Title 1

Dear Parents,

Yealey Elementary is one of several Title I schools in Boone County. We are a School-Wide Title I Program which means there are no qualifiers to receive services provided or programs purchased through the federal funds that are supplied through a Title I designation. ALL children at Yealey Elementary can benefit from the additional funding that supports our commitment to a quality education for every child. A detailed explanation of how Title I funds are used at Yealey will be available for parents and on our website.

In accordance with the Title I, Part A Program Requirements, we will provide you with the following:

❖ Yealey’s Title I Family Involvement Policy The 2020-21 Policy can be found in your child’s agenda.

❖ The District Improvement Policy is available for review at:

https://www.boone.k12.ky.us/userfiles/3087/my%20files/boone%20cdip%202016- 17.pdf?id=570770

❖ Yealey’s Parent/School Compact Brochure

This information highlights how parents/guardians/caregivers, the school, and teachers will work together to ensure a quality educational experience for your child and is grade level specific. Important dates are also included. It is a separate document that will be sent home.

❖ Parent Notification of Teacher Qualifications Boone County Schools is committed to employing quality teachers and school staff. All teachers at Yealey Elementary are highly qualified in accordance with Kentucky’s Education Professional Standards Board requirements.

❖ School/District Report Cards These Report Cards, updated annually, provide information about each District and school including achievement, teacher qualifications, student safety, awards, parent involvement, etc. Current Report Cards can be found at:


Thank you,

Faculty and Staff of Yealey Elementary