Compass Login Information

Dear Parents:

The Boone County Elementary Schools have chosen to use CompassLearning Odyssey®, a Web-based curriculum, to enhance your child’s educational experience. In order to proceed successfully with your home use, the workstation must be properly set up, including browser and plug-in installation.

This document is designed to help you and your child get off to a good start by providing the information necessary to complete the workstation setup. Online resources can be accessed when you click Help in the student portfolio.

Workstation Setup

To ensure that a workstation is properly set up to run the CompassLearning Odyssey program, you will need to verify that all minimum software requirements are met. A requirements list is available by clicking the System Requirements button on the CompassLearning Odyssey home page.

The system check option provides assistance in this effort by checking the operating system, browser version, specific browser settings, and plug-ins. Click the Check System button on the CompassLearning Odyssey home page to start the system check. You can easily see which requirements have not yet been met and access the appropriate Web sites via the links provided.

The Student Portfolio gives you and your child access to:

• Assignments • Learning activities • Chapter tests • Lesson quizzes • Objective-based tests

How to Login:

Child’s login: first.last (put a period between first and last name)

Password: ######## (network login)

School Code: 005 

            *Yealey Elementary    005