From The Superintendent - October 27th


Dear Boone County Families & Employees,

With October being National Principals Month, I would like thank all of our Principals for their dedicated work in our District.  I also would like to take this time to recognize one of our building principals – Tim Schlotman of Boone County High School!  Mr. Schlotman first year of teaching was in 1985 and has spent his entire 37 year career serving the students, families and parents of BCHS.  He has served as a social studies teacher, a guidance counselor, and an assistant principal before becoming the Principal.    Mr. Schlotman has been a vital part of the construction of the new auditorium, which includes band and choral classrooms and a repurposing of the old auditorium into classrooms and multi-purpose spaces. Thanks for all you do Mr. Schlotman! Remember to take time today to thank and support your own school principals and administrators – they are working hard on behalf of our students!

Our school principals are consistent in remarking that our students are very involved in school activities and are showing exceptional school spirit.  Being away from school activities over the last year was certainly very hard for everyone.  Whether students see themselves as a school leader, a cross country runner, or a student of the arts, our students’ activities and identity are extremely important for their continued growth.  In general, students are very resilient and their growth is greatly accelerated by seeking out experiences where they help other people.  Let’s all encourage our students to remain involved in school activities and to find ways to help others in their schools and the community.

Mid-October is the quarter mark for the 2021-2022 school year.  This is a very important time for parents to check on their students’ academic progress, behavior, and work ethic.  Talk with your child and contact your teacher or school administrator if you need any assistance.  The Family Resource Youth Service Centers located in our schools are also great resources for our families and students in many ways.  Call your school office to get connected or send an email to the FRYSC Coordinators.

While we are excited about the progress of our students, we continue to have a great need for additional bus drivers, paraeducators, and custodians and would like to invite people to apply for these positions on the Employment Opportunities page of our website.

Our focus remains on keeping our staff and students safe and our schools open for daily, in-person instruction.  The incidence rate for COVID-19 in Boone County has dropped to 29.2 cases/100k population and remains at the high level.  Below is last week’s summary of COVID-19 positive cases and quarantines for our 20,000+ students: 

  • Week ending 10/15    72 student positive cases       117 student quarantines
  • Week ending 10/22    46 student positive cases       65 student quarantines

Across our nearly 4,000 employees, we recorded the following:  

  • Week ending 10/15    19 employee positive cases    1 employee quarantines
  • Week ending 10/22    9 employee positive cases      1 employee quarantines

We are currently offering the Test-to-Stay program in all schools and this program is helping to keep students in school by safely reducing the number of students that must quarantine.  As of October 22nd, our Test-to-Stay program has voluntarily administered 2,234 COVID tests to students that have been exposed to a person that is positive for COVID and are placed on quarantine.  Of these tests administered, 32 have returned a positive result for COVID.  This program has certainly helped keep our students and staff safe and in school.  


Matthew L. Turner

Superintendent of Schools

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