***Check My Child's Progress***

Last Updated: 10/28/2021 8:37 AM

Our students have a full year to develop mastery of each standard for each course. 

  • Each TUESDAY our teachers update our grades in Infinite Campus and a missing assignment report is auto-emailed to addresses on file in our school database. 
  • Each QUARTER our school will print a progress report which is essentially a cleaned-up snapshot of the information in Infinite Campus.  This quarterly progress report is NOT a final grade or factored into a final grade.  Please view it as simply what it is...a snapshot of where your child's progress is now.  We do not take the grades from each quarter and average them together.  We take the grade at the end of the year for the final grade.
  • At the END OF THE YEAR, a report card will be generated and will be considered the final grades for the year.

Because Standards-Based Reporting is new to so many and it's difficult to determine if your child's snapshot is reflective of "where they should be", "if they are underperforming" or "if they are excelling" when our school does not use a 100 point scale nor do we use an ABDCF scale, our staff created quarterly mastery guides to use in combination with our progress reports. 

The mastery guides give you a range that most students "should" be performing within for each standard at this point of the semester so you can determine if your child is on track to meet mastery of the standard by the end of the year. 

  • If your child is below the range, they may need extra help such as ESS, tutoring, a tutorial period, or revisiting standards. 
  • If your child is in the range, we believe they are currently progressing as they should. 
  • If your child is above the range, we need to develop enrichment activities for your child.

There are mastery guides for each grade's core courses, for our unified arts courses, and for high school credit courses.  We will print them for you at each quarter and send them home with progress reports.  You can also view them online below.  Only quarter 1 is currently published.  New guides for quarter 2 will be released in January.  The online mastery guides feature links to student-friendly proficiency scales that tell you and your child specifically what content must be mastered to score within each level of mastery.  Your children keep these on their Google Drives and mark them as they are progressing through their learning.  They can pull them up for you at any time.


This video talks you through how to use the Mastery Guide to interpret your child's progress:  5 MINUTE VIDEO


GRADE 6 Mastery Level Pacing for Families

GRADE 7 Mastery Level Pacing for Families

GRADE 8 Mastery Level Pacing for Families

HS CREDIT Mastery Level Pacing for Families

UNIFIED ARTS Mastery Level Pacing for Families



Term 1 & 2 6th Mastery Level Pacing for Families

Term 1 & 2 7th Mastery Level Pacing for Families

Term 1 & 2 8th Mastery Level Pacing for Families

HS Credit Courses Mastery Level Pacing for Families

Term 2 Unified Arts Mastery Level Pacing for Families



6th Mastery Level Pacing for Families

7th Mastery Level Pacing for Families

8th Mastery Level Pacing for Families

UA Mastery Level Pacing for Families

HS Courses Mastery Level Pacing for Families


We have created videos to teach you more about the tools we use to determine progress for our students.

IC Parent Portal & Grade Overview (9:45 min)

  • How to locate portal/login
  • How to gain login information
  • Where to locate grade information
  • How to narrow down views (by term and by unscored standards)
  • How to locate the Formative and Summative areas for each standard

What is a SFS –Student Friendly Scale? (9:51)

  • What is a SFS
  • Where are they located for families (pacing guides)
  • Where are they located for my child (folders in drive)
  • How does my child use SFS’s
  • Use of preassessments/evidence to update scales
  • How is a SFS tied to IC
  • How does formative/summative information relate to a SFS