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Varsity Karen Bowling
Junior Varsity  

Awards and Achievements


9th Region KAPOS Champions Boys Varsity

2017-2018 9th Region KHSAA Champions
2016-2017 KHSAA 6th in State
2016-2017 9th Region KHSAA Champions
2014-2015  KHSAA State Champs
2014-2015 9th Region KHSAA Champions
2011-2012 2012 Large Varsity Champions
2012 Small Varsity Champions
2003-2004 Large Varsity 1st Runner Up
Conner High Varsity KPEP Spirit Champs
2001-2002 9th Regional Champs--COED
2000-2001 9th Regional Champs--COED
1999-2000 9th Regional Champs--COED
1998-1999 9th Regional Champs--Traditional
1997-1998 9th Regional Champs--Traditional
1996-1997 9th Regional Champs--Traditional
1995-1996 9th Regional Champs--Traditional
1994-1995 9th Regional Champs--Traditional
1993-1994 9th Regional Champs--Traditional
1992-1993 9th Regional Champs--Traditional


State KAPOS Competition Boys Varsity

2000-2001 4th Place COED
1999-2000 5th Place COED


Northern Kentucky Coaches Association Boys Varsity
2000-2001 1st Place COED
1999-2000 1st Place COED


9th Region KAPOS Girls Champions Girls Varsity
2003-2004 Small Varsity Champions
Large Varsity 1st Runner UP
Conner High Varsity KPEP Spirit Champs
2001-2002 9th Regional Champions COED
2000-2001 9th Regional Champions COED
1999-2000 9th Regional Champions Traditional
1998-1999 9th Regional Champions Traditional


State KAPOS Competition Girls Varsity
2011-2012 4th Place Large Varsity
2000-2001 3rd Place COED
1999-2000 4th Place Traditional


Northern Kentucky Coaches Association Girls Varsity
2011-2012 2nd Place Large Varsity
2002-2003 4th Place in JV Division
2000-2001 1st Place COED


The American Showdown Nationals COED Division
2002-2003 1st Place Senior COED Division
2002-2003 4th Place Large Varsity Division


NCA Paramount's Kings Island Cheerleading Competition
2004-2005 3rd Place JV


US Open Nationals
2004-2005 2nd Place JV
3rd Place Varsity
1st Place Senior Stunt Group