Youth Service Center

Last Updated: 1/7/2021 12:47 PM

Laura Klein Mosqueda, Coordinator
859-334-4400 (school)
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Youth Service Center Mission Statement:

The mission of the Conner High School Youth Service Center is to provide services, activities, and guidance to families in order to build a bridge to span the school, home and community.

  • We will work together with students and their families as they learn to shape the social and environmental forces that effect their daily lives.
  • We believe that if we remove the barriers that interfere with learning; our students will succeed and become productive members of society.


Youth Service Center

Youth Services Centers serve students in middle and high school and provide:

  • Referrals for health services, mental health services and social services
  • substance abuse education and referrals for treatment facilities
  • Career exploration and development
  • Summer and Part time job development
  • Information on community resources
  • Assistance with basic needs
  • Holiday assistance
  • Educational Support and enrichment
  • Community Service opportunities


Service Request Forms


General Referral Form

Basic Needs

State Resources (SNAP, Unemployment, Medicaid, etc.)

School Supplies

Mental Health Resources

Sources of Strength/Social Emotional Learning

College and Career Information

Special Events

Junior College Acceptance Program - March Dates to be determined

Video Spotlight

Kid President Video