Raider Achievement Program - RAP

Last Updated: 3/15/2021 6:38 PM

This original program implemented in the 2008-09 school year was designed to provide the time and support for all students to reach their full potential. RAP 2.0 is being introduced for the 2015-16 school year, and will provide an improved structure to provide real time support and enrichment for all students in all subject areas. RAP 2.0 will have one 40 minute period (Mon) for organization/study/procedural responsibilities and a 40 minute period 4 days a week (Tue.-Fri) for interventions.  Within the 4 days of interventions, all subject areas will have multiple daily opportunities to offer students in their content areas specific workshops to assist students with their current academic needs. 

The major change of RAP 2.0 is there is not a study hall during this time and all students who are meeting their academic responsibility will have the opportunity to select daily (via an online system) a workshop of their choosing based on their own needs. 

RAP 2.0 will provide:

  1. Students, who are meeting academic requirements, the ability to select Workshops to attend during RAP time on Tuesday-Friday by using a real-time online selection system on the Ryle Website.
  2. Teachers the flexibility to assign a student who does not meet the academic requirements to specific workshops.
  3. Administrators the ability to assign Students who are not meeting academic expectations in multiple areas to more restrictive and intensive Modules.

Descriptions of Possible Workshop Offerings:

Skill Building:  student performance on formative assessment shows a need to be retaught an essential skill.

Class Lesson: students who have been absent or need to have a lesson repeated to them.

Homework Help: students who have been taught the lesson but need extra assistance to complete the homework and get feedback from teacher.

Test Make-up: Students who were absent and need to make up a test.

Test Preview: Teachers offer assistance prior to a test for student questions.

Test Correction: Teachers provide opportunities for students to correct mistakes on test/quizzes under teacher supervision.

Enrichment:  Unique experiences offered by departments to enhance traditional classroom content.

Laboratory: Students can make up labs due to absences or redo labs for improvement.

Projects: Students have group projects and need time to work together to complete.

Description of Modules: Placing a student in a module is done by administrative team.

RAP White:  This is designed for students who are failing a class and/or have missing work. Students are assigned to this module by Administration and the purpose is to provide students an opportunity to complete missing work. Student in RAP White would not have the freedom to select a Workshop when assigned to RAP White. However, teachers may override assignment to RAP White by selecting a student to attend a Workshop for a specific class.      

RAP Orange: This is designed for students who continue to not complete work in their classes and are failing more than one class. Students will receive organizational strategies, study strategies, and counseling in addition to opportunities to complete missing work.

RAP Silver:  This is designed for those students who are not taking ownership of their own learning.

Online Registration System - Raider SOS

The registration system will be available on the Ryle Website from any internet accessible device.  The registration is “real time” and a student can make selections up to 15 minutes prior to the workshop time on that day. Student selections can be overridden by Teacher or Administrator that selects a specific Workshop or Module for students based on need. Any student NOT making a selection for a given day and not selected by a teacher will automatically be assigned to a silent reading workshop where they will only be permitted to quietly read for the duration of RAP 2.0.