FROM THE DESK OF THE SUPERINTENDENT: Recommendation for in-person instruction


Recommendation for in-person instructionmatt turner

Dear Boone County Families & Employees,

From the onset of this pandemic, three priorities emerged as the central part of every conversation regarding reopening our schools: 


A. Effectively education our students,

B. Keeping our students, employees, and communities safe, and 

C. The effect of the pandemic on our families and jobs.

After listening to concerns, gathering input and feedback, speaking with many stakeholders, holding a public forum -- I have given these issues considerable reflection.  My recommendation for providing more in-person instruction to our students is as follows:

1. To provide 4 days of in-person instruction for both A & B groups each week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

2. Wednesday will be maintained as a support and intervention day for our students receiving virtual instruction.

3. To begin this change to our instructional model on Thursday, October 29th. We will communicate to parents the week prior on Thursday October 22nd, 2020 the status of our instructional model for the following week. 

This schedule will provide three full weeks for our schools & district administrators, teachers, students, and families to prepare.  Time will be needed to plan, to organize schedules and routines, and to get furniture and equipment in place.  This change will also provide additional time for students and employees to become more comfortable implementing and practicing the school health & safety protocols that are specified in the Guidance on Safety Expectations and Best practices for KY Schools (K-12). We will continue to serve our students and families that have chosen virtual instruction for the rest of the semester. 

We will also continue to follow the communications protocol established by the KY Department of Education -- where we will evaluate the status of the pandemic and use the closure criteria defined on our district's COVID-19 dashboard each Thursday evening to determine the status of our entire district for the following week.  

In closing, I have significant concerns about this 4-day weekend and how travel and the gatherings of families and friends may cause increased spread of the virus that may become evident in the next few weeks.  

As always, please keep yourself safe, your families safe, and your communities safe.


Matthew L. Turner
Superintendent of Schools

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