MLA Citation Style Resources

Resources for formatting Research Papers

Powerpoint Presentation-MLA Style Citations - MLA citations are made up of 2 parts, in-text citations and a sources cited list. This Powerpoint will introduce you to creating both.

Sample Research Paper- Do you need a cover sheet?  Does your teacher's name get printed on your paper?  Find all the answers you need to format your research paper correctly at this link.  It takes you to a sample of a research paper with directions for formatting the paper and creating the parenthetical citations as well as the Works Cited section of a research paper.  This sample is located at the Online Writing Lab (OWL) of Purdue University. (and NO, you do not use a cover sheet with MLA but your teacher's name DOES NEED to be on your paper!)

Purdue OWL for grade 7-12 - This link will take you to resources for learning to write well from the Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University. 

Get more information about MLA - This is another great resource for learning about the MLA style of writing research papers. Located on the Cornell University website. - This free online citation generator will let you create an MLA citation for any type of source.  Just enter the ISBN of a book or the web address of a web page and the generator will automatically create the citation, allowing you to copy and paste it into your paper. - Another free online citation generator but here only MLA is free. Visit this page to learn more about all the different citation styles that are out there.

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