Whenever you have an event going on at school or something that needs to go on the calendar (such as field trips, fundraisers, etc), please complete the attached form:

Please complete it as much as possible in that it helps us to serve you as best as possible.

There are two links within the form which you may find useful.

1.       The Resource Reservation Calendar – we are using TeamUp to schedule rooms/resources.  This calendar will not let a room or resource be double booked.  You may either make the resource reservation yourself or I can make it for you when I see your Reservation/Calendar Google Form come through from the above link.   Feel free to view this calendar at any time at:

2.       We are using the school website calendar function to keep track of all of our events/activities.   The best way to view it is to click on the View Full Month below the Calendar.

-          Did you know you can look at multiple school calendars/district calendar all at the same time by clicking on Select Multiple Calendar below the drop down which contains Camp Ernst Middle School.

-          Did you know you can export the month or yearly calendar by clicking on the green ical/monthly or ical/yearly buttons in the top right of the screen?