Questions For Superintendent Turner

Last Updated: 11/6/2020 4:45 PM

We sat down with Superintendent Matthew Turner to ask him several question about the re-entry process for the 2020-2021 school year for Boone County Schools. 


Transition To Four Days Of In-person Instruction 11/4/2020

matthew turner

Transition To Four Days Of In-person Instruction

  • Student performance and engagement
  • Low virus spread in school environment
  • Success in other school districts


Why has our position on in-person learning changed? 11/6/2020

superintendent matthew turner

Why has our position on in-person learning changed?

  • Summer red, yellow, green model has evolved as the virus, education and student needs have evolved.
  • We are not seeing the same case increases in our schools as we are seeing in the community.
  • Looking at big picture for decision making.
  • Most important data for us is paying attention to case rate and transmission in our schools.
  • We believe our schools are a safer place as long as the numbers are low.
  • We believe if we can keep our students and staff safe we need to keep our students in schools for as long as we can.


Decision Making Process 11/6/2020

superintendent matthew turner

Decision Making Process

  • Decision making process started in the summer looking at the metrics to help determine the status of schools and community. Such as daily new cases, trend line of incident rate, positivity rate, infection rate, quarantine numbers within the schools for students and staff.
  • Currently in the school year we look at the totality of all this information including the data on how students are doing academically, social emotional health and mental health concerns and needs of students and staff and challenges and needs of our staff as well. 
  • While we understand we could need to close a school or the district we need to pay attention to these inputs to make that determination to best fit the needs of our students.
  • We want to look at the right variables and the right information to have a student and staff centered approach to our decision making.
  • It’s impossible to eliminate all risks but we can do everything within our power to mitigate as much risk as possible.
  • Status of school district is collaboratively made weekly with the input of the Superintendent, the County Judge Executive, the Northern Kentucky Health Department, Boone County Emergency Management meet to talk about the state of affairs. We also have a liaison from each of our 26 schools who report back to the District Office once a week.
  • We’ve created a task force for COVID-19.  It has two school board members, school administrators from every level, district administrators and parent representation.
  • The instructional status of our school district remains the domain of our school board.


Message to Students, Staff, and Parents 11/6/2020

superintendent matthew turner

Message to Students, Staff, and Parents

  • We want to acknowledge to parents, students and staff that we know and understand you are challenged and stressed at this time, as are we. I don’t say this lightly. I feel the same stress.
  • Specifically students’ level of stress is all over the place. I worry about the cumulative effect on everyone as we go forward.
  • We take all th at into consideration in making decisions as we move forward.
  • We want to make sure we are doing everything to support our students, staff and community.
  • We need the help and support of our community as our students struggle right now.
  • We have to do everything we can to keep our schools open to help serve our kids because they are our future.


Why are students going to school in-person four days a week instead of five days? 11/6/2020

superintendent matthew turner

Why 4 days instead of 5:

  • Our teachers need that time to work with our students to help plan and provide for students
  • Teachers are serving multiple groups of students right now that include the hybrid model which services students who receive their education virtually.
  • Wednesday is WINSday is a What I Need day for students to catch up, ask questions and for teachers to plan ahead.


The First Day Of School And The Importance Of The Parent Decision Survey 7/20/2020

first day of school and parent decision survey video

First Day of School and Parent Decision Survey

  • First day for staff Thursday August 13th
  • First day for students Tuesday August 25th
  • Why do our parents need to make a choice: for planning purposes.  We need the ability to consider your schedule and how we can make it work best for our working families and families with special needs.


Red, Yellow, and Green Re-entry Model 7/20/2020

red, yellow, green re-entry model 

Re-entry Models (Red, Yellow, Green)

  • Green – Full in person
  • Yellow – In person and remote
  • Red – Remote instruction
  • Color depends on where we are in the pandemic.  Currently, we are at yellow.


Virtual Learning vs Remote Learning 7/20/2020

virtual vs remote learning

Virtual Learning Vs. Remote Learning

  • Virtual instruction means choosing to be taught with an on-line platform.  The student would work completely on-line with a group of teachers providing content, instruction and feedback.  
  • Remote instruction will happen only if all schools are closed.


Hybrid Learning Model 7/20/2020

hybrid model

Hybrid Model

  • This means altering the schedule and school day for a reduced number of students in school at any one time.
  • Students will be divided into groups A or B for in person instruction.
  • Done with consideration of childcare, daycare and parents needing to return to work.


Safety Guidelines 7/20/2020

safety guidelins

Safety Guidelines

  • KDE requires social distancing and masking at all times in school buildings.
  • How that impacts logistics
  • Reduces capacity by 50%
  • Considers lunchtime


When Will We Know Which Model Will Be Used? 7/23/2020

when will we know

When will we know what model the district chooses and when will we know the student schedules?

  • Full in-person or Hybrid Model
  • A/B schedule
  • Putting students on A/B schedule will take time considering siblings and parent work schedules
  • Planning takes time to have a seamless model that we can move back and forth from depending on which phase of the pandemic we are in (red, green, or yellow).
  • Student schedules need fine tuning or alignment with siblings.
  • What if I have a question?
  • Acknowledging difficulty in choice.


What Model Will We Use When School Starts? 7/29/2020

what model will we use

What model will we use once school starts?

  • Our status is currently yellow so we will have to use the hybrid model.
  • There are two groups A & B
  • Each group will be in-person the same two days for instruction.
  • Each group will be remote for the same two days.
  • Each group will have Wednesday reserved as an on-line support day with teachers.
  • Schools will be deep cleaned during the days student are not in buildings.


The Hybrid Model and Childcare Issues 8/7/2020

Hybrid Model video

The Hybrid Model and Childcare Issues

  • Students learning remotely and in person
  • Why: for the safety of our students and staff.  Must reduce the number of students in schools to adhere to safety and social distancing guidelines put forth through KDE and CDC.
  • Explanation of how the Hybrid Instructional Model works.
  • AA W BB (W) is Wednesday or as well call it WINS day (What I Need) day.
  • Wednesday will also be a deep cleaning day for schools


Our FAQ and Virtual Schedules 8/7/2020

Hybrid Model video

FAQ and Virtual Schedules

  • Resources for parents and students via our website and the FAQ page link below
  • FAQ link
  • Chromebooks for students
  • Virtual Master Schedules


Transition To Four Days Of In-person Instruction 11/4/20

matthew turner

Transition To Four Days Of In-person Instruction

  • Student performance and engagement
  • Low virus spread in school environment
  • Success in other school districts