True Heroes

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We would like to recognize several of our staff members that are true heroes! Earlier this week there was a medical emergency on one of our buses. The quick action and team work displayed by everyone involved saved the life of one of our students (Roman). We will share the words of Deputy Chris Saunders, our SRO at Ockerman Middle School, to describe what took place.


"I wanted to make you aware of an incident on bus 356 this afternoon, 9/22/2021, and the amazing response from your staff. Today, while driving home from OMS a call came out over the county dispatch of a student on bus 356 whose ventilator battery had died and the nurse on board, Debbie Welsh, was using a bag valve mask to manually breathe for the student. The bus driver had pulled over and contacted the bus garage dispatch who in turn called 911. The bus was advised to stay in place until emergency personnel arrived. The school nurse at OMS, Amy Schroder, was filling in at Cooper and was on her way home when she was notified of the situation. Amy had just left Cooper and drove straight to the bus and took over bag compressions for Debbie. Amy was in contact with the student's guardian and was advised that they had another battery at home. Nurse Amy knew the importance of getting the student home and instructed the bus driver to continue the route. The bus driver was conflicted on what to do since transportation dispatch and first responders were instructing her to stay however, she did the best thing for the student and followed the advice of Nurse Amy ultimately saving the life of the young man. Units coordinated by going to the home as others linked up and escorted the bus to the residence. The student was transported inside where his ventilator was plugged into a power source and his oxygen saturation levels back where they needed to be. As a law enforcement officer, I can only imagine how trying it must have been for the driver to make the decision she did, and she knocked it out of the park along with the bus aides. Your nurses not only kept the situation under control from start to finish but they did it with cool, collective heads and the student not once thought anything was wrong. Everyone involved was instrumental in the success of this event by working together and I wanted you both to know firsthand the amazing actions of those we get to work alongside every day."


Please join us in recognizing (from left to right) Deputy Chris Saunders, Amy Schroder (nurse), Barbara Sizemore (bus aide), Roman, Debbie Welsh (nurse), and Joy Hollon (bus driver)!

Deputy Chris Saunders, Amy Schroder (nurse), Linda Meyer (bus aide), Roman, Debbie Welsh (nurse), and Joy Hollon (bus driver)

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