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Education Matters - March 22, 2023
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One Big Thing:  Beyond the School Board

      Why It Matters: 

  Earlier this month, Karen Byrd, Chair of the Boone County Board of Education, was named the President of the Kentucky School Board Association (KSBA) at their Annual Conference.

Karen Byrd

Did you know?  Karen Byrd has served on the Boone County Board of Education for the past 28 years.  When asked why she has chosen to continue to serve she states “My desire to serve and contribute to keeping our district world class hasn’t wavered just because my children are no longer in school. The need to give voice to those who might not have one is still there, and I enjoy serving as much as I did when I started. There is much work to be done, and as long as I have the drive and passion, I want to continue.”

      To learn more read Beyond the Board.  Congratulations to Karen Byrd!

2. What’s Next:  Gifted & Talented! 

In grades K-3, students who possess demonstrated or potential ability to perform at exceptionally high levels may be selected for additional services.  Beginning in 4th grade students may be formally identified as Gifted & Talented in one or more of five categories:

      General Intellectual

      Specific Academic (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)



      Visual/Performing Arts (Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Dance, Drama)

State regulation requires that for each of the above designations we guarantee a minimum of two service options, as part of the student Gifted Student Service Plan (GSSP), and that we report to parents and students at least one time each semester on progress in the attainment of the goals stated on the GSSP relating to the service options that have been assured.       

For more information attend the Gifted & Talented Parent and Student Engagement event on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at 6 p.m. at the Ralph Rush Center.

3. The Boone County Schools International Festival was held last month to celebrate the

people and the cultures in our Boone County community.  Read the linked article to learn more about our students and our families:   Cultural change spoken in 64 languages at Boone County Schools

international festival


4. Middle School Orientation sessions for our 5th grade students will be held Thursday, March

30th.  Students will be visiting their assigned middle school for orientation with their middle school counselors and elementary school counselors.  This visit will be a great opportunity for your future middle school student to become familiar with their new school building, meet faculty, and build excitement for their transition to middle school.

5. Calendar Reminders: 

Spring Break is set for April 3rd-7th. Schools will be closed on Tuesday, May 16th for the primary election.

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