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Employee Child Change Application

Regular employees working a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week for a contract year (not including substitutes and extra duty positions), shall have the option of enrolling their children in the district school of their choice, provided the school has not exceeded capacity as determined by the school district. Employees who live out of state are not eligible.


***If you relocate or your employment status changes anytime during the school year, please notify the Student Services office.


Please note: If approved for change in assignment/non-resident attendance, this application becomes a non-resident contract and is subject to the following guidelines:


a. Student must be making academic progress towards promotion (determined by principal)

b. Student must comply with District and School Code of Conduct (determined by principal)

c. Student must not be an attendance problem (determined by principal)

d. Athletic eligibility is to be determined by KHSAA guidelines by school athletic director

e. Parent must provide transportation


*If Approved, this form needs to be completed ONLY at TRANSITION YEARS (K, 5th-->6th and/or 8th-->9th) unless you wish for your child to change schools prior to a transition year.


*Continued Employment will be verified each year.  


Approvals/Denials will be sent to the employee's Boone County email address and to the Receiving School, Current School (if applicable), and District/Resident School by June 15th. 


Reminder: ECC Application will be open for the 24-25 school year from November 15th-January 15th. 


23-24 Employee Child Change Application Form 


24-25 Employee Child Change Application Form