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Homebuilders Program

The “Homebuilders” program is a collaborative effort with the Building Industry Association of Northern Kentucky. Boone County sends students to the BIA building, located off of Mineola Pike to acquire exploratory courses in Apartment and Building Maintenance. 

The program is laid out to be a two year program.  The first year is heavily rooted in carpentry. Students complete basic safety training (OSHA 10) and learn how to use a wide variety of tools. They also are introduced to the basics of HVAC, plumbing, and electric.  The goal is to give them an overview of an array of careers in the skilled trades.  The student after successful completion of the first year will be able to return to complete year two of the sequence.  

The purpose of year two is to be able to work in a work based learning experience with a local tradesperson or business.  We have previously partnered with the following companies or trades: CVG, Commonwealth Hotels, plumbing, construction, HVAC companies.  Students have the opportunity to complete this experience and further their understanding of the skills and knowledge required to enter the field. 

If the work-based learning experience has the ability to offer an apprenticeship we would work with the student to begin this journey.  It is imperative that we allow students an opportunity to explore the trades to spark their interest.  There are several high paying careers, and we are providing this opportunity through our Homebuilders program. 



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