Longbranch Elementary School has a team (The Site-Based Decision Making Council or S.B.D.M. Council) comprised of teachers, parents and the the school principal. This council is the decision-making body for Longbranch Elementary School. With the exception of the principal, the council members are elected for a one year term.

The S.B.D.M. Council meets regularly, usually once each month. Meetings are announced in advance and open to the public (except issues which require Executive Session). Parents/Guardians/Community members are encouraged to attend.

The S.B.D.M. Council establishes policies and standards for Longbranch through committee input. Committees are comprised of parents and teachers. A wide variety of committees are in place, some yearly, some to address a specific concern. It is important that parents and teachers support the Council by serving on committees whenever possible. For further information about the S.B.D.M. Council and/or specific committees, contact the school or a council member.

2022-2023 Members

Stephanie Stambaugh-Principal and Chair

Amanda Leatherman-Teacher

Lauren Koller-Teacher

Stefanie Daniele-Teacher

Kristin Rosenhoffer-Parent

Dana Locklear-Parent

Vacant Position-Minority Representative 


2021-2022 Members

Stephanie Stambaugh – Principal and Chair

Amanda Leatherman – Teacher

Olivia Bivins – Teacher

Lauren Ward – Teacher

Kristin Rosenhoffer – Parent

Jen Allen – Parent






Policies and Bylaws

Consolidated School Improvement Plan (CSIP)