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    Join the Ockerman 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Bands for their Spring concert performance Thursday, April 25 at 7 p.m.   Admission is free.


    Congratulations to the following OMS musicians who performed at the Northern KY Solo & Ensemble festival at Boone Co. High School on Saturday, March 30.

    Luke Lin (clarinet)- Distinguished

    Adam Gavarret  (clarinet)- Distinguished

    Jude Southerland  (clarinet) - Distinguished

    Brooke Boyer (flute) - Distinguished

    Lauren Hacker (clarinet) - Distinguished

    Mia Meredith (flute) - Distinguished

    Charlotte Webster (flute) - Distinguished

    Hannah Bedel (oboe) - Distinguished

    Matthew Lin (flute) - Distinguished (1+)

    Ethan Southerland (trumpet) - Distinguished (1+)

    Domenic Rowen (baritone) - Distinguished

    Reagan Barker (French Horn) - Distinguished

    Kim Furlong (alto saxophone) - Distinguished

    Molly Weaver (flute) - Distinguished (duet)

    Lexi Wilson (flute) - Distinguished

    Olivia Morin (oboe) - Proficient

    Malia Haggard (clarinet) - proficient

    Wylie Grigsby (clarinet) - proficient

    Danika Smith (clarinet) -  proficient

    Haylee Nobles (clarinet) - proficient

    Molly Weaver (flute) - proficient (solo)

    Jacob Ashcraft (trumpet) - proficient

    Ayden Bauereis (trumpet) - proficient

    Steven Wheeler (trumpet - proficient

    Chianna Ballinger (snare) - proficient

    Chianna Ballinger (snare duet) -  proficient

    Kacey Houze (snare duet) - proficient

    Ella Phillips (clarinet) - proficient (II+)

    Molly Bedel (snare) - proficient

    Brian Kelly (snare duet) - proficient

    Carson Redman (snare duet) - proficient

    Steven Hendrickson (trumpet) - proficient (II+)

    Caleb Rice (trumpet) - proficient

    Emilia Arias (trumpet) - apprentice

    Ayla Pilav (trumpet) - apprentice

    Isaac Hampel (trumpet) - apprentice (III+)

    Thomas/Furlong (duet) - score missing





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    NOW is the time to learn about which instruments are available, ask questions and get registered to play in next year's 6TH GRADE BAND.

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