Although we do not predict behavior problems this year, we do have a behavior chart in the classroom to remind students of the appropriate and expected classroom behaviors.  Every child will start the day on Ready to Learn and will earn 2 tickets as they enter the classroom.  However, if students choose not to obey classroom rules, they will be asked to move their clips.  Students will lose 5 minutes of recess when they clip down to Think About It, 10 minutes of recess when they clip down to Teacher’s Choice and all of their recess when they clip down to Parent Contact. They will also have to pay me tickets that they have previously earned.  I have included the daily behavior system below and it will also be attached in your child’s planner after the first day of school:

            5          Good Day, Great Job, Outstanding (for exemplary behavior)

            4          Ready to Learn (Everyone will begin their day on this)

            3          Think about it (Warning)

            2          Teacher’s Choice  

            0          Parent Contact

At the end of the day, students will record on their agendas the number they end the day on.  After 20 days, students that have an 80% or higher (out of 80 points) will be rewarded with a behavior party.  Students that consistently end their day on 5, 4, or 3 are making great choices during the day. 

We may find it necessary to start a Behavior Improvement Plan if constant infractions occur.  This plan will be written by the students and sent home to be signed by a parent/ guardian.