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  • Dear Parents,

                Welcome to our class! I am looking forward to building positive relationships with you and your child to make this school year a success. Below, I have included information concerning school policies, as well as our classroom procedures.



    I realize that as children get older, they become more and more involved in activities after school. Therefore, I only give homework that reinforces learning that happens during the school day. There will usually be some homework each night during the week. I try my best to have no homework on Fridays except continuing the reading log. Homework is expected to be returned on time and completed with best effort. Students will be responsible for writing their homework in their planner each day. There is a three strike rule with homework- if a student does not turn in their homework three times during the month, it results in a detention. It is important that you review your child’s homework with them before it is turned in the following day.

    Accelerated Reader (A.R.)

    Students should be familiar with our A.R. system. I require the students to read 20 minutes each night for homework. Every 6-8 weeks we will have an AR party to celebrate students reaching their AR goal. The books they read in class and for homework will help them achieve this goal.

    Special Classes

    Students will alternate between six special area classes which include: Dance and drama/vocational living, Music, Art, Computer, PE, and Computer 2. All students should wear gym shoes on PE days.


    Students will be given a list of 15 words every week. The vocabulary study will focus on part of speech, definitions, multiple meaning words, and application of words. Vocabulary homework is due every Thursday and tests are on Fridays.





    Every night, students need to read for at least 20 minutes. They will need to complete a reading log that an adult must sign. I will check these every day. I want to emphasize that it is the child’s responsibility to fill out the reading log and make sure it is signed. Reading to or with your child is a great way to help your child become an independent lifelong reader.


    We will be using a combination of the text Everyday Math and supplemental materials. Students will typically have a math review page for homework each night to practice the lesson we did in class.

    Some of the main areas of focus in math this year are place value, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, geometry, problem solving, and word problems. I encourage you to continue practicing math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) each night with your child. Fluency in math facts will make our difficult curriculum a lot easier.

    Science and Social Studies

    In 4th grade there is a large focus on Science. Science homework will be minimal, but students could potentially have Science homework if they do not finish an activity in class. There will also be Science tests at the end of each unit, so please look for study guides periodically. Social Studies will be integrated through Reading.

    Classroom Procedures


    Daily school attendance is essential to ensure your child’s academic success. Although there are times children need to be kept at home, please make every effort to have your child at school every day and on time. If your child is tardy or needs to leave early, you must stop by the office to sign him or her in or out. Please send in a note to the office in advance if at all possible. If your child is absent, you must send a note to school the next day.


    Your child will bring home his or her planner and take-home folder each night. Please check the take-home folder for any graded work, homework, or important papers. Also, please sign the behavior log that will be stapled weekly into your child’s planner.


    Dress Code

    The dress code policy can be found in the student handbook. Your child may want to bring in a jacket or sweatshirt because the classroom feels chilly at times.




    Since I expect each student in my class to be a “star” in 4th grade, we only have four classroom rules to go along with this motto. Students are expected to be:

    S afe

    T ruthful

    A lways prepared

    R espectful and responsible

    For classroom management, I have a clip chart hanging in the room. Each student starts the day on green which is “ready to learn”. Students may clip up or down throughout the day depending on their behavior. This means that even if the students clip down at the beginning of the day, they are able to change their behavior and can clip back up by the end of the day.

    Our daily behavior system follows this sequence:

    • Red = Outstanding
    • Orange = Great Job
    • Yellow = Good Day
    • Green = Ready to Learn
    • Blue = Think About It
    • Purple = Teacher’s Choice
    • Pink = Parent Contact

    Each day, I will record on a stapled piece of paper in the students’ planners what color they ended on. I ask that you initial the communication form each night so that I know you are aware of your child’s behavior. If the student was below green for the day, there will be a note stating the reason why.



    You are more than welcome to send in treats for your child’s birthday. Please consider items that will be easy to pass out and enjoy. Treats should be dropped off in the office, and we will celebrate at the end of the day. It is a school-wide policy that treats must be store bought. This is to ensure the safety of students with allergies.




    Parent Involvement


    Here at OES, we have a strong PTO that regularly supports each classroom by helping pay for things like field trips and supplies. Throughout the year, the PTO schedules educational and fun activities to support your child’s learning. Please consider joining the PTO; it costs only $5 per family.

    Field Trips/Volunteers

    We will be taking several field trips this year. Please remember, if you would like to chaperone or volunteer, you must have an updated background check on file with school (please check with the front office to make sure your background check is still current for this school year). The state is now charging a $10.00 processing fee for each background check. It often takes weeks before background checks are completed, so do not wait to get yours if you think you may like to chaperone a field trip.

    Staying Connected

    It is important for your child’s success that we stay in close contact this year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if any questions or concerns arise. The best way to correspond with me is through email at landon.dailey@boone.kyschools.us. You may also write me a note or leave a message at (859) 282-4620 ext 251.

    You may contact Ms. Schreiner for any questions or concerns regarding Reading, Writing, or Social Studies. Her email is laura.schreiner@boone.kyschools.us. You may also write a note in your child’s planner, send a note, or call her at (859) 282-4620 ext 243.

     I look forward to an awesome year with you and your children!

    Mrs. MacKenzie Dailey

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