Recorder Music

Hello Everyone!  You can still continue with your recorder lessons through the links here on this website.  If you have any questions at all, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  My email address is

If you would like to email me videos of your playing, you can!! 

Yay!  Recorders are so exciting!!  I will load the songs on this page so that students can practice at home.  When they are ready to play them, they can see me during music class :) 

Recorder Karate 1

Song #1 /userfiles/1805/my files/white belt, 1.pdf?id=558180

                     Youtube helping video: 

Song #2 /userfiles/1805/my files/gently sleep, yellow belt 2.pdf?id=558181

                Youtube helping video:

Song #3 /userfiles/1805/my files/orange belt, 3.pdf?id=558182

                       Youtube helping video:

Song #4 /userfiles/1805/my files/green belt, 4.pdf?id=558183

                 Youtube helping video:

Song #5 /userfiles/1805/my files/purple belt, 5.pdf?id=558184

                 Youtube helping video:

Song #6 /userfiles/1805/my files/blue belt, 6.pdf?id=558185

                 Youtube helping video:

Song #7 /userfiles/1805/my files/red belt, 7.pdf?id=558186

                 Youtube helping video:

Song #8 /userfiles/1805/my files/brown belt, 8.pdf?id=558188

                 Youtube helping video:

Song #9 /userfiles/1805/my files/black belt, 9.pdf?id=558189

                 Youtube helping video:


Recorder Karate 2

Song #1 /userfiles/1805/my files/skm_c454e16111515530.pdf?id=569169

Song #2 /userfiles/1805/my files/recorder karate 2 yankee

Song #3 /userfiles/1805/my files/orange belt recorder karate 2.pdf?id=589182

Song #4 /userfiles/1805/my files/green belt recorder karate 2.pdf?id=589187

Song #5  /userfiles/1805/my files/recorder karate here comes the bride song

Song #6       /userfiles/1805/my files/blue belt recorder karate 2.pdf?id=589184

Song #7 /userfiles/1805/my files/recorder karate 2 song 7

Song #8 /userfiles/1805/my files/brown belt recorder karate 2.pdf?id=589185

Song #9 /userfiles/1805/my files/black belt recorder karate 2.pdf?id=589186