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Mr. Reusch's Math Curriculum Information

Our school has adopted the Go Math Program. Go Math is an excellent math program. However, it does focus on new strategies and algorithms you might not be familiar with. You'll receive more information about this program as the year continues, but we wanted to mention a few things that might help you get more familiar with the program itself.

  • Nightly Homework: Students will be given daily math tasks. These tasks reinforce what they have studied in their classroom. Not all of these tasks are secure goals; however, it is important for the kids to practice different strategies. Therefore, feel free to help your child and check your child's homework every night. It's a growing step in the program. Know that we will go over the homework task the next day and give students time to ask questions and discuss the problems. I will continue to follow the homework procedures that are outlined above when evaluating Math work.
  • Unit/Weekly Assessments-- When a unit of study is completed, students will be given a unit assessment on the material discussed in the unit. Study guides will be provided in order to review at home. Unit assessments will be completed in class. These will count as a test grade. At the end of each week we will have three assessment; a 1 minute Facts Quiz, a Skills quiz (10 problems), and a teacher modeled short answer response solving a problem followed by

    students independently answering their own short answer response problem.  Occasional Cumulative Assessments may be given to check student progress.

  • Projects & Activities—Throughout the year, your child may be asked to complete a variety of tasks. Most of these tasks will begin in class; however students may need to “finish up” their work at home if needed. All assignments will be recorded as a project/activity grade.
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