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Mr. Reusch's Science Curriculum Information

Students will learn science throughout the year using the scientific method. Students will conduct experiments throughout the week to understand science concepts being taught. Be sure to ask your child what type of experiment he/she has been working on this week. You’ll be surprised on what they can understand once they’ve actually observed it! Each unit will last approximately 3-4 weeks. At the conclusion of the unit, students will be assessed on the information studied. A study guide will be sent home prior to the test date. All assessments will be in an open response and multiple choice formats. Your child’s grade will be composed of the following:

  • Nightly Homework— Students will be given homework assignments that range from Simple Solutions Science handbook, Science Detectives, and multiple choice reading reinforcements. These tasks will be given a score based on completion. Partial credit will be awarded for incomplete work/missing work. Homework grades will be calculated according to my homework policy that is stated in our parent handbook.
  • Classwork—Students will receive grades for a variety of classwork activities (lab work, in-class assignments, etc) completed in class. This will be entered as a classwork grade.
  • Projects & Activities—Throughout each unit, your child may be asked to complete a variety of tasks… illustrate a science concept, create a water cycle diagram etc… Most of these tasks will begin in class; however students may need to “finish up” their work at home if needed. All assignments will be recorded as a project/activity grade.
  • Unit Assessments-- When a unit of study is completed, students will be given a unit assessment on the material discussed in the unit. Study guides will be provided in order to review at home. Unit assessments will be completed in class. These will count as a test grade
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