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What Do Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, and Decoing Mean?  by  Megan Sheakoski 
This quick article explains the differences be phonics, phonemic awarenss, and decoding. 


Activities to Help My Child Improve in Reading


During the first weeks of Kindergarten the literacy focus in the classroom is on alphabet fluency, letter sound correspondence, letter recognition, and rhyming words. You can help your Kindergartener practice these skills at home with one or more of the following fun activities.

  • Take out the sidewalk chalk and practice drawing pictures that start with the letter an adult calls out. So if Mom says "S" the kid can draw a snake, a shark, or sunshine. Challenge your student by helping them to label their picture.
  • Pull out the magnet letters! Practice saying the letter and identifying its sound. Take things a step further and try to make some consonant vowel consonant words.
  • Parents can call out letter sounds and students can write the letter that matches. Make this activity more interesting by letting the kids write in shaving cream on a tray or plate, in the sand, with finger paint, or even with chalk or water on the sidewalk.
  • Playing the Alphabet Game, as you drive down the road. Someone starts by naming an animal, an object, a food, or whatever you choose that begins with an A, the next person names something that starts with a B. See how long you can keep the game going before someone gets stuck. If your child makes a mistake help them think of a new word that would be correct.
  • As you read together listen for words that rhyme. When you find a pair see if you can think of another word that would rhyme with the pair.