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US History  

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  • Jan. 22

    Great Depression reading and questions will be completed in class today (Friday Jan 25) If you are absent, they are located in the 1930's folder under pdf Great depression reading and Great Depression reading questions '16

  • Nov. 23

    Introduce imperialism.  Fill out 4 questions on the last page of Mark Twain Home Packet located in the imperialism folder

  • Nov. 17

    Review for Progressive Era Test Tomorrow November 18.  (Trust regulation, consumer protection, social reform, political corruption)

  • Nov. 16

    Complete the African American reformers Venn Diagram located in the progressive folder.  Please place only numbers in the circles.

  • Nov. 10

    Examine Cartoons on page 6 of progressive packet (located in Progressive folder) and write 2 summary sentences for EACH cartoon

  • Nov. 6

    We watched the political corruption clip located in progressive folder and handed out the Progressive study guide.  We covered the section on political machines and Boss Tweed

  • Nov. 2

    6 question review quiz with partner and essay development.  If you choose to write your essay today and tomorrow, it is located in the industrialization folder under Industrialization Essay 2015

  • Oct. 29

    Sherman Antitrust Act and Interstate Commerce Act discussion.  PPT located in Industrialization folder

  • Oct. 26

    Industrialization outline - discussed notes from ppt - technology, social darwinism, horizontal and vertical integration and laissez faire.  Information located in the industrialization folder under industrialization notes and industrialization outline

  • Oct. 21

    Please complete the Industrialization terms handed out after the test today. They are located in the Industrialization folder under Industrialization terms

  • Oct.21

    Reconstruction Quiz on Wednesday OCT 21.  You will have your partners from the civil war quiz

  • Oct. 14

    civil war retake quizzes can be completed before school tomorrow (oct 15), in RAP tomorrow, before school friday (oct 16) or during RAP on friday.  

  • Oct. 13

    Reconstruction Homework packet given out in class is due tomorrow (oct. 14) at the beginning of class

    10 question Civil War quiz tomorrow over Technology, Social, Strategic aspects

  • Oct. 8

    we wrote the civil war essay in class today thursday oct 8

  • Oct. 7

    Discussed the strategies of the confederacy and the union during the civil war. Notes are located in the Civil War folder.  Reading is located under Strategies for war Union and Confederate

  • Oct. 6

    Discussed draft riots and emancipation proclamation and how they affected the outcome of the Civil War.  Everything is located in the Civil War folder

  • Oct. 5

    Discussed how Lincoln affected outcome of the Civil War.  With Gettysburg Address and began discussing draft riots.  Notes located in Civil War folder under Civil War notes

  • Oct. 2

    We went over Ironclads and weapons and how they affected the outcome of the Civil War in class today.  The notes are located in the Civil War folder under Civil War Notes (in the first section of notes)

  • Sept. 30

    We are taking a test on Wednesday, Sept 30.  All the notes are located in the antebellum folder, including the study guide

  • Sept. 29

    Uncle Tom's Cabin


    Review questions

  • Sept 28

    John Brown - Kansas Abolitionist, Harpers Ferry, Painting

    Answer John Brown Questions in the antebellum folder

  • Sept. 25

    Kansas Nebraska Act - with map and cartoon located in antebellum folder

    Dred Scott - read court case and ruling - why is this case so important

  • Sept. 24

    We completed the Manifest Destiny worksheet (3.3 in the antebellum folder) and discussed what Manifest Destiny is and why it is important.

  • Sept 23

    Complete the Abolition Quotes for homework by summarizing each in your own words.  Located in the antebellum folder under abolition excerpts

  • Sept 23

    We discuss antebellum anti-slavery movement.  We fill out the definitons for the antebellum reform terms (3.5 worksheet).Notes and worksheet are located in the antebellum folder.

  • Sept. 22

    We discussed antebellum women's movement and read the declaration of sentiments and took notes.  Notes and declaration of sentiments are located in Antebellum folder.  We completed cartoon 3 and 4 in class. 

  • Sept. 21

    We discussed Antebellum Education and Temperance Reform.  The notes are located in the Antebellum Folder.  We also completed Cartoon 1 and 2 in class

  • Sept. 18

    We introduced the Antebellum Unit on Friday.  Antebellum introduction notes are located in the antebellum folder

  • Sept 18

    Any student who wishes to retake the Madison, Monroe, Jackson Quiz can do so in class tomorrow and I will combine your scores.

    Also, anyone who wishes to only retake the map portion may do so in class tomorrow.

  • Sept 17

    Quiz over Presidents Madison, Monroe, Jackson

  • Sept. 16

    Andrew Jackson - spoils system, indian removal act, tariff of 1828 and 1832 discussion

  • Sept. 15

    Review Monroe Doctrine and Missouri Compromise (located in James Monroe folder) and begin Andrew Jackson

  • Sept 14

    Students can rewrite Short Answer.  Found in Thomas Jefferson folder

  • Sept 14

    Review Short Answer on the Early Presidents test

    Discuss James Monroe Homework - Monroe Doctrine

  • Sept 11

    Washington, Adams, Jefferson Quiz and Monroe Doctrine Assignment

  • Sept. 9

    Please turn in Louisiana Purchase Map Tomorrow.  We discussed Thomas Jefferson Domestic and Foreign Policy today in class

  • Sept 8

    We discussed John Adams' Domestic and Foreign Policy.  The notes can be found in the John Adams Folder

  • Sept 3

    Students can retake the Constitution Quiz with their partner before school tomorrow,next wednesday or thursday. (You must bring your partner) Also, students can retake the Review Homework we did in class today.  You do not have to bring your partner for that retake. (only the students who come to retake the assignment will receive a new grade)

  • Sept. 3

    5 question quiz over the 2 worksheets (Constitution and Matching) tomorrow Thursday Sept. 3

  • Sept. 1

    Students can retake the Short Answer section of Friday's test and receive full points if answered correctly.  It is Due Wednesday Sept. 2

  • Aug. 31

    Complete the Constitution pg 82-100 Sheet in class on Monday Aug. 31.  When finished, pick up Constitution Matching Sheetand work on in class.  It is Due Tuesday Sept. 1.  Both are located in the Constitution folder under Constitution pg 82-100 and Constitution Matching

  • Aug 28

    Early America Test - Friday Aug 28

  • Aug. 25

    read roles of Women, African Americans, Native Americans in the american revolution.  all three are located in the American Revolution folder

  • Aug. 24

    Quiz British Action (Train of abuses)

  • Aug. 14

    Read Columbus Day: A Time to Celebrate located in the Colonies Folder under Columbus and respond with 2 questions you have concerning the reading.  It is due Monday Aug. 17

  • If the Class Assignment says Class Notes from (date) then that is what we did in class on that particular day.  It is up to you to get the answers to those questions from your peers if you missed class.

    I will inform you on the Class Assignments page if I collect the answers for a grade.  I will also be sure to make a distinction between Class Notes and an Assignment to turn in

  • If you missed a day in class click on class assignments, if there are no assignments listed look at the top of the US History page under View Archived (Past) assignments.

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