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Lesson 1 pp.160-164
Basic Ratio Information
Video-Intro to Ratios (3:58)
Video-Basic Ratios (2:52)
Practice-Basic Ratios 
Practice-Ratio review
Video- Turner shown below (18:40)



Worksheet-Finding Ratios (visual)
Worksheet-Identifying true and false ratio statements
Worksheet-Ratio Wording
Worksheet-Creating Examples for Ratios

Tape Diagram - Read example 2 on page 161
Video-Ratios with Tape diagrams (4:29)
Practice-Ratios with Tape diagrams 

Double Number Line Diagram-Read example 3 on page 161
Video-Ratios and Double Number Lines (5:52)
Practice-Ratios with Double Number Lines

Do textbook p. 162 #'s 1-11

R.1 Write a ratio (medal)

R.2 Write a ratio: word problems (medal)


Lesson 2 pp. 166-169
Unit Rates
Video-Intro to Rates (5:30)
Video-Solving unit rate problem (2:30)
Practice- Unit Rate
Video-Solving Unit Price (2:01)
Practice-Rate Problems
Practice- Rate Review
Video- Comparing Rates (3:12)
Practice- Comparing Rates

Worksheet-Using Rate Language
Worksheet- Rates

Read pp 166-167 and do p. 168 #'s 1-13, 17 and p. 169 #'s 18-19, 22, 24-27

R.7 Unit rates and equivalent rates (medal)
R.8 Compare ratios: word problems (15 problems)
R.9 Unit rates: word problems (15 problems)



Lesson 3 pp.170-173
Equivalent Ratios, Rates and Ratio Tables
Video-Equivalent Ratios (4:42)
Video-Equivalent Ratios Recipe (4:50)
Practice-Equivalent Ratios
Video-Equivalent Ratio Word Problems (6:01)
Practice-Equivalent ratio Word Problems
Video-Understanding Equivalent Ratios (5:44)
Practice-Understanding Equivalent Ratios
Video-Solving Ratio Problems with Graph (1:34)
Worksheet-Creating Equivalent Ratios
Worksheet-Reducing ratios
Worksheet-Understanding Ratios

Video-Ratio tables-Mrs. Turner below (8:54)

Informational page and practice-Ratio Tables
Video-Solving ratio problems with tables
Practice-Ratio Tables


Read pp.170-172 and do #'s 1-15

R.3 Identify equivalent ratios (medal)
R.4 Write an equivalent ratio (medal)
R.5 Ratio tables (medal)
R.6 Equivalent ratios: word problems