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Kentucky School Report Card

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The Boone County Schools continually strive to provide a world class education to all students and to exceed in both traditional and non-traditional measures of accountability.  The Kentucky Department of Education has publicly released state test scores from last spring.  These results are being shared on our district and school report cards.  


The accountability system provides a color-coded rating for all schools at each level (elementary, middle, high) ranging from red (lowest) to blue (highest). Districts and the state receive a separate color-coded rating for each level of schools (elementary, middle, high).  Note, with the introduction of “change” into the system, comparisons cannot be made to 2022 accountability.  Although the color-coded dials represent school accountability in 2022 and 2023, the system is vastly different with the inclusion of “change” and should not be compared.


As with any assessment of our work, we will have areas to celebrate the work of our students and staff and we will have areas in which we must work to improve.  Our school and district staff are always working to assure that our students are safe and meaningfully engaged in appropriate grade-level activities as well as purposeful and meaningful assessments.  


Our district strategic plan guides the direction of our school district and provides focus for our resources and energy. The priority areas of our new strategic plan are:

  • World Class Education
  • Empowered Workforce
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Operations & Resource Optimization




These state assessment scores highlight the great work and progress of our students and staff.  While we are proud of everyone’s efforts, we have work to do to ensure that ALL of our students are performing at high levels.  Below is a district statement regarding the release of test scores.


Boone County Schools is the third largest school district in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, serving more than 20,000 students from preschool to 12th grade.  The 2023-24 School Report Card released by the Kentucky Department of Education indicates many areas of student growth in addition to areas for opportunity.  At the elementary level, Reading and Math proficient & distinguished rates are the highest of Kentucky’s ten largest school districts having student enrollment at 10,000 or more.  Specifically, elementary Reading proficient & distinguished rates rose to 60% compared to the State average of 47%.  Elementary Math proficient & distinguished rates rose to 59% compared to the State average of 42%.  At the middle school level, Social Studies proficient & distinguished rates are at 66%, almost double the state average of 34%.  Our district high schools earned high Indicator Performance Ratings of IPR’s of Green in the areas of Reading, Math, post-secondary readiness and graduation rates. Of our 27 schools, 7 elementary schools and 2 middle schools are rated Blue at the top of the IPR scale.  Other successes indicated on the School Report Card include 8 schools being released from Targeted School Intervention status for learning growth made by students with disabilities. Significant elementary English Learners language growth was awarded the highest IPR of Blue.  Some areas of opportunity include science proficiency rates which are only slightly higher than the state averages at all levels and writing proficiency at all levels. We are extremely proud of our students and the growth that is indicated on the School Report Card, as well as our teachers, staff and leaders for the extraordinary learning opportunities and support they daily provide students.