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World Class Education

The 21st century skills of critical thinking and communication are intentionally planned for and taught in Boone County. Additionally, teachers provide opportunities for all students to be challenged within their zone of proximal development. Our schools create project/problem/ passion based learning experiences for students to apply core knowledge, concepts and 21st century skills, within and across disciplines, to solve real-world problems. PBL experiences intentionally focus on building creativity and collaboration skills, as well as providing choice.

Problem based service learning is integral to academic success fostering positive youth development while addressing real community needs. Through service learning opportunities, students engage in global outreach as well as local outreach. Students intentionally build compassion and cultural competency through BCS service learning experiences.

Boone County is a diverse community.  Our students speak over 50 different languages.  Providing students with rich opportunities to learning about and develop strong cultural competency is essential for them prosper and contribute to a 22st century global society.